Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens

Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens

Welcome to GradeSens

Maximizing the reliability of critical industrial assets through engineering-driven AI insights

GradeSens delivers engineering-driven, modular predictive AI maintenance solutions

To enhance reliability and efficiency of critical industrial assets

+ 200%

Longer intervals between planned maintenance in logistics operation

+ 25 %

Lifetime increase of a key part on a hydraulic generator

up 99.5 %

Increase in Overall Equipment Effectiveness in process equipment


Integration of our non-invasive and ultra-modular data acquisition platform

Early detection of complex failure modes

Industrialised and scalable AI Analytics engine delivering periodic dedicated Predictive Maintenance KPIs
(currently more than 1000 KPIs calculated daily on more than 150 machines)

Digital Knowledge Empowerment

Enabling our customers to rapidly develop strategic digital competitive edges, services and skills with adaptive IP approach

We stand unmatched in delivering

Excellence in the digitalisation of critical assets

Effortless modular integration of data

Modular digital platform empowering our analytics using customers’ data and/or data collected by our industrial wireless acquisition system

Early detection of complex failure modes

Specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) derived from machine learning-based digital twins
designed with engineering knowledge hosted on our industrialized and scalable AI Analytics Platform

Digital Knowledge Empowerment

Enabling our customers to rapidly develop digital competitive edges, services and skills, in a structured manner

Companies Trust us

Tailored solutions for All kind of customers


One-Stop shopping solution:
Hardware, Software, Analytics & Reporting - dedicated to your critical equipments
Modular pricing OPEX or CAPEX

Service Providers/Integrators

Technology as part of a digital offering
integrated into your value chain.


Modular and vertically integrated technology from sensors up to analytical enabling fast track development of your new digital services and an adaptive scale-up implementation.

Our Working Process

With an integrated and modular information system focused on the early detection of multiple failure modes:

Integrated Information System

Detection of Failure Modes

Insights about reliability


Integrated and modular information system

Platform designed in partnership with leading industrial companies that strive for maintenance excellence

Integrated "all-in-one" platform: data acquisition, management, processing and reporting

Acquisition of existing SCADA & cloud data complemented by our wireless acquisition system when needed

Wireless technology for demanding applications: simultaneous acquisition, long distances, easy, fast and non-intrusive installation

Ideal vibration measurements of slow rotating machines and robots: high sensitivity at low frequencies

Detection of early failure modes

Industrialised, scalable and configurable AI-Analytics delivering standardised health indicators dedicated to each family of machines

Early stage detection of multiple failure modes using AI-Analytics and Digital Twins

Data Engineering focused on the detection of the failure modes ensuring fast results with minimal sets of data

Periodic processing of Data and publication of the results via public APIs, PDF reports or our cloud Dashboard

Structured Analytics platform allowing the integration of new algorithms

Products and Services


Large Area Wireless Data Acquisition


Data management
Cloud data connect


MaaS (Monitoring as a Service)
MoonStone Dash

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