Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens

Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens


LYRA is a true wireless data acquisition system consisting of LYRASens (vibration/temperature), LYRALink (IO-Link and analogue interface) and LYRAGate (gateway with Modbus interface for data transfer in MoonStone) and LYRAMesh

Our sub-GHz wireless radio technology grants for long reading range in harsh industrial environments. Its bi-directional communication allows to configure and maintain the system remotely. The TDMA/FHSS MAC ensures the time synchronisation below 0.1ms between all connected devices so that structured data is acquired.

LYRA Acquires Trend And Raw Data.

Trend data is physical parameters such as overall vibrations, temperatures, power, pressure, flows,.... collected typically every hour. LYRA acquires SCADA data (modbus RTU/TCP) with LYRAGate, sensors data (IO-Link or analogue inputs) with LYRALink or overall vibration data with LYRASens. Trend data is collected on schedule and is used to build Digital Twins.

Raw data is a large set of acceleration data (up to 100k data) collected at high sampling rate (up to 4kHz) with LYRASens. Raw data is collected on schedule or on event and is used for the vibration analysis of rotating machines and in robotic.


LYRA Architecture

LYRA Radio Communication:

Internet Connection Requirements :

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