Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens

Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens


Early detection of failures on the main bearings, mast and generator


Cost effective and reliable plant operation is the key to success in any competitive industry. In branches of industry where machinery is operated continuously, like wind turbine generators (WTG), one aspect of reliable operation is to detect faults in machine components before they lead to failures or affect performance. Cost effective means that a balance must be found between the cost of surveillance and the cost of undetected degradation.


Our Smart Main Bearing Monitoring is based on frequency analyses of acceleration data coming from two LYRASens installed on the static seat of the main bearing. A third LYRASens is placed on the rotating seat of the bearing and lets us derive the rotor speed of the turbine, which is crucial for a precise interpretation of the results. A fourth LYRASens placed near the top of the nacelle provides measurements such as the tower side-side and for-aft motion.

Our solution allows existing WTGs to be retrofitted easily and cost effectively. Our non-invasive sensors provide high quality raw data after only 30 minutes of installation. The overall system is self-sufficient and does not need to interface with the turbine controls.

One of the key elements of the technology is the synchronized data acquisition ensured by the wireless radio protocol. The raw acceleration signals coming from the sensor are synced to less than 0.1ms.

Typical examples

LYRASens wireless sensors mounted on WTG rotating parts

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