Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens

Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens

About Us

About Us

We are a team of passionate people whose goal is to improve everyone’s life through disruptive products. We build great products and services to solve your daily business problems. Our products are designed for companies willing to optimize their performance.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy, that considers digitalisation as a strategic process, has driven our product offering and services. We stand for autonomy and empowerment of our customers by evolutionary implementation (technology follows learning curve), knowledge and learning community, as well as favouring of bottom-up approach with embedding application experience.

Strategic Partner-ship with leanBI

Since July 2022, GradeSens works in close partnership with leanBI, company well established in Predictive Maintenance since many years. Together, we offer you a broad spectrum of technology and competences including Deep Learning, Vision and Acoustic for Predictive Maintenance applications. Our DNA is engineering and we therefore address your Analytics with eyes of engineers.rounded corner style.

Other strategic partnership

GradeSens has established several strategic partnerships with Harmony Solutions (strategy, business development and finance) and with Contrinex (global sensors manufacturer). In 2021, we signed a frame agreement with Andritz Hydro, nr 1 hydro turbines supplier. We also collaborate with academic institutions including ROSAS (HEIA-FR, Switzerland) on life cycle engineering as well as HES-SO in Yverdon, Switzerland for the radio technology.


Sustainable Development Goals

GradeSens indirectly participates to the United Nations SDG . Especially the Goals 9 and 12.

Our Team

GradeSens was founded in 2018 by Yvan Jacquat, Dipl. Ing. from ETHZ with executive MBA and has more than 20 years of experience in industrial maintenance, Condition Monitoring and predictive analytics. The development of our technology is covered by Dr Didier Nicoulaz who obtained his microelectronics PhD in EPFL and has more than 20 years of experience in the development of high end technologies.

Yvan Jacquat


Dr. Didier Nicoulaz


Dr. Fabien Ravet


Michel Vandenbroucke


Frédéric Steinmann

Head of sales, French

Fabienne Jacquat Bondallaz

Head of Administration

Massimo Ravasi

Head of Software


2nd fund raising

 with Mateg AG joining our company as strategic investor.

1st fund raising
Covered by Capital Risque Fribourg and private investors.
First pilots in Intralogistics.
Amazon acquires Audible
First project in the Smart Monitoring of Aggregates...
Founding of the company

Our products are designed for companies willing to optimize their performance.

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