Failure Detection Done Simply

Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens

Power Transformers

Power Transformers: Digital twins to detect failures on the coils


How to study the condition assessment of power transformers? Before a breakdown would happen? And avoid the drawbacks of a power shutdown, including the related hidden costs? Is it possible to optimize the energy production?


By monitoring and measuring vibration and temperature during their operation with the non-invasive installation of sensors placed at strategic points of the transformer. The GradeSens solution is compatible with the consolidation of existing, local data, like the power generated on each phase. Data are synchronized and acquired simultaneously, which allows the creation of predictive models based on appropriate KPIs (digital twins).

By offering a systemic view on all relevant energetic-related data, GradeSens’s solution leads to energetic optimization.

Our Products Are Designed For Companies Willing optimize their performance.

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