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Motivations for OEMs and GradeSens working together

OEM’s motivation to enter into a partnership with GradeSens stems from the desire to leverage their experience and analytics platform. The primary objective is to expedite the implementation of OEM’s digital roadmap. By tapping into GradeSens’s platform, OEM aims to streamline and accelerate the execution of its digital initiatives, ultimately achieving more efficient and timely deployment of the planned strategies and technologies. This partnership is driven by the recognition that GradeSens experience and analytics capabilities can significantly contribute to reducing the time required to bring OEM’s digital vision to fruition.


The objectives for GradeSens include developing and testing a novel business model with OEMs and generating additional revenues with predictable income, aiming to enhance its resource planning capabilities.

GradeSens’s motivation to form a partnership with OEM is driven by OEM’s maturity and strategic vision in digitalization, along with the high quality of its team. The recognition of OEM’s expertise and forward-thinking approach in digital initiatives makes it an attractive partner for GradeSens.


Enhance Customer Relationships

  • Introduction of new digital services to bolster customer relationships.
  • Generation of additional sources of revenue, with a specific focus on services and maintenance.

Build Competitive Edge

  • Development of strategies and initiatives to establish a competitive advantage in the market.
  • Implementation of measures that position OEM as a leader within its industry.

Gain Client Usage

  • Acquisition of knowledge about how clients utilise OEM products in real-world applications.
  • Acquisition of  client usage insights to inform product improvements and better meet customer needs.


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