Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens

Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens


Challenges in the Smart Monitoring of Aggregates

​Critical aggregates (system composed by several separate machines) are equipments for which every unplanned downtime causes significant non-production costs. To avoid them, many critical aggregates are today covered by aggressive and costly preventive maintenance plans.

Predictive maintenance is not very widespread because the costs of digitisation are often high. IoT solutions on the market do not cover the monitoring requirements properly, so that they should be monitored with costly cabled Condition Monitoring Systems (CMS).

Data provided by CMS Systems are complex to analyse and requires special skills.

CMS Systems based on classic vibration monitoring are well known since many years for their ability to detect issues on the shaft dynamic and bearings. But they are quite limited to detection other issues e.g on the inverters or on the mechanical seals.

GradeSens Smart Monitoring Solution

GradeSens offers a cost effective Smart Monitoring Solution for critical aggregates ensuring equivalent or better performance as CMS. Our Solution opens consequently new doors to Smart Maintenance for many aggregates.

Data collected by LYRA is structured so that it can processed by Analytics effectively. Our Analytics is configured for each type of aggregates toprovide KPIs representative to their main failure modes.

For aggregates with variable loads and speeds, our Analytics combines vibration data with existing process parameters (e.g. provided by the inverter) to build a digital twin with Machine Learning. The digital twin allows you to detect anomalies when condition data (e.g. vibration, temperature) lies outside its operating dependant expected range.

Our Analytics allows to extract features from raw data to detect specific failure modes on the rotor dynamic and bearings using our extended library of algorithmes that is continuously being updated upon our new projets.

Intralogistics equipments monitored by GradeSens solution

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