Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens

Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens


Condition Monitoring Of Turbogenerators With Wireless Sensor 7

GradeSens and ANDRITZ Hydro did it. In March 2022, the bearings of a new developed 2-pole turbogenerators were instrumented with two vibration and temperature sensors LYRASens from GradeSens. Results? Installation made in few minutes and data sent in the cloud platform MoonStone for analysis with outstanding quality. Special thanks to Helmut Ladler and Andreas Lang […]

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Wireless Vibration Sensors

Understanding the basics Wireless vibration sensors have revolutionized the field of predictive maintenance by providing efficient and convenient monitoring solutions. In this blog article, we will delve into the world of wireless vibration sensors, exploring their meaning, applications, and advantages. Whether you are new to the topic or already familiar with it, this article aims

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High Bay Warehouse

Increasing capacity in warehousing High-bay warehouses, an innovative concept in the field of logistics and supply chain management, serve as a sophisticated solution for businesses seeking to optimize the utilization of their storage space. With heights ranging from 12 to 50 meters, these warehouses provide a revolutionary approach to vertical storage . This enables businesses to store

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Predictive Maintenance

A revolution in industrial efficiency What if you could anticipate the future? Imagine running a factory with the ability to predict mechanical issues before they even emerge, thereby preventing operational interruptions and enhancing overall efficiency. This is not just a dream – it’s the reality brought about by Predictive Maintenance. Unpacking the concept of predictive

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