Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens

Smart AI-Monitoring solutions by GradeSens


Challenges in smart monitoring of Overhead & Gantry Cranes

In many situations, industrial cranes are critical equipments, as they are not always redundant. If for any unplanned reason, their operations are stopped or have to be stopped, the consequences may be catastrophic for the whole supply chain.

A predictive IoT monitoring system is the right answer to the question: will my equipment be working fine today, this week, next month?


GradeSens answers that question with its disruptive technology, using wireless data acquisition technology (GradeSens sensors and/or combined with local, existing data – SCADA) and pushing these data via 4G or Ethernet, to the Moonstone cloud for storage, analytics and reporting.

The analytics follows application-specific algorithms, available as modules or libraries (also known as KPIs), based on AI, and provide high level reporting. Reports are sent to the user by email, by on-line dashboards, or via its own dashboard via dedicated API . With the reports, the user has the power to decide for actions – or not.

Due to the extra long operating distances in use in crane applications (well above 100m), the wireless sensors LYRASens combined with the LYRAGate gateway are the best fit to solve the challenge. The LYRAMesh proprietary communication network will be used when local GSM networks are weak or unstable.

See below examples of the setup of LYRASens sensors. Other configurations on motors, winches, hoists and gearboxes at top of cranes also possible:

Typical reporting example

Movement of X-axis

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